Brian Baum

— building better things out of lesser things

Hi, I'm Brian. I'm originally from several places, but did the majority of my growing up here in Texas (Austin and then Dallas). I went to the University of North Texas to study fine-art and currently reside in the Dallas area.

I've discovered that I have two primary weaknesses. One is for food eaten with chopsticks. The second is a pressing need to do something creative every day. To that end I've worked hard and continue to learn new things. If you'd like me to be creative for you, or have other questions just give me a shout right here.
  • Who?

    Brian Baum
    Location: Dallas
    BFA: Drawing and Painting
  • What?

    Web Design UI Design
    Illustration Photo Retouching
    Concept Art Photo Masking
    Digital Paintings Photo Comp
    Pixel Art Logo Design
  • How?

    Photoshop XHTML/HTML Illustrator
    Dreamweaver CSS Painter
    Flash PHP In-Design